October News

October News

A Gua Sha Facial Routine, new online teachers (Vinyasa and Pilates), and a Gong Bath…. welcome to October news.

Thank You

We are so grateful to all of you for supporting our classes over this difficult year. It has been a real challenge but seeing you all log in to the Zoom classes has been wonderfully uplifting and rewarding. It’s kept us both going and given us a purpose. As a thank you to all our Members, this month we have added to the Archive a Gua Sha Facial Routine for you to enjoy and pamper yourselves with. It is taught by Dr Crystal Chanderbhan ND (Naturopathic Doctor) from Toronto. I met Crystal at a training in London – she had flown over from Toronto for the course and despite the jet-lag managed to glow with health. We became friends instantly and I never fail to be impressed by her level of professionalism, her wisdom and her radiance. I’m hoping she can be persuaded to provide more content about gut and skin health over the coming months. You will need a Gua Sha stone for the routine. These vary in price depending on quality. I got a great rose quartz one from Amazon for under £10 – if you’re careful, they last a while. You can find the Gua Sha routine in the Bonus Features section of the Class Archive. We hope you enjoy it.

Vinyasa and Pilates

And we’ve expanded even more! In an effort to keep you all healthy and moving over the Winter months, we’re introducing two more teachers to the online team. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding Vinyasa / Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates sessions to the Members Area.

Some of you will know Scarlett Wilde from the classes I ran at the farm. Scarlett went on to train as a yoga teacher in Goa, India and now teaches in and around London. She’s also a wonderful singer and artist. She’s fun and uplifting and a great teacher – I know you’ll love her teaching style. Vinyasa is a more dynamic form of yoga that will help you build strength and tone. Her classes will only be available in the Class Archive and will go online from next week.

Emma Down is one of my closest friends and one of London’s best Pilates instructors. We’re very lucky to get her. She’s been teaching STOTT Pilates and fitness for years and is well-known on the London scene. She has infectious energy and it’s hard to come away from her anything but inspired. Her classes again will only be available to Members via The Archive and her sessions will start to appear from the end of the month.

For more information about Crystal, Scarlett and Emma click here.

Seated Yoga & Tummo

We’re adding new content to the Archive all the time. There are now almost 150 recordings of live classes, gong recordings, guided meditations, tutorials and of course now the Gua Sha routine. A Seated Yoga set is now up on the Short Sets page, this will be the first of many to help those of you with limited mobility or who find getting onto the floor difficult. Tummo breathing aka the Wim Hof breath proved a bit of a hit during a Friday breath meditation class so I have recorded a beginners, intermediate and advanced practice for those of you who wish to master it. You can find it in the Short Sets.

Gong News

In gong news we ran a Level 1 Gong Training course at The Light Centre, Monument at the end of last month. It was really well-attended and we both loved being back at this central London venue. The Shard had never looked so good! Five new gong players were born, at least three of which had thunder hands before they even got near Thor! It was one of the loudest things I’ve been a part of, and an exceptionally fun day.

We’re running a gong bath in Woolmer Green on the 17th October. The event sold out in a matter of days. Government guidelines allowing, we’ll be aiming for at least one if not two a month. Keep checking the website or Facebook for dates and tickets. For those of you who can’t make it, we’re hoping to record the session and post it online.

On Monday we return to the recording studio with the gongs, and also, this time, Monika Luberda and her cello. You might recall that just before lockdown Monika and I were about to run a Cello and Yin Yoga workshop. We are still determined to make that a reality so watch this space.