Suzanne Davies

Suzanne Davies is the founder of Babacool. She is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher and therapist with over 3000 teaching hours under her belt. She has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and worked in corporate finance for years before becoming a full time yoga teacher. Based just outside London, UK, she works online and locally.

Suzanne is qualified in Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Sports Yoga. She is also a qualified breath coach (with Oxygen Advantage), TRE (Trauma Release) instructor, Sound Therapist, ITEC massage therapist, and Reiki Master. She has studied widely with world renowned yoga, meditation, bioenergetics, breath, body work and trauma teachers and specialists, and incorporates all modalities into her teaching.

Suzanne teaches meditative yoga that releases physical, emotional and mental patterns. She focuses on developing self-awareness, resilience, and freedom. Her classes are for those wishing to unravel their story and find their true self. They will also appeal to those who wish to experience deeper states of consciousness as well as those open to exploring more unconventional methods.

Away from teaching and training, she enjoys plant based cooking, Americana and blues music, reading, theatre and travel.

Contact: – 0044 7746679905 (UK based)

Alex Online Team

Alex is an advanced Tai Chi Qigong instructor and sound therapist.

Coming from a successful business background he has an MSc in Leadership & Management, a non-medical Doctorate and Diploma in Psychology as well as several trauma related counselling and other skills, his teaching style is relaxed, inclusive, nurturing and he is passionate about helping others to be their best self.

Away from teaching Alex loves travel, reading, music and cakes!



Vinyasa with Scarlett
Scarlett Wilde is a Hackney based yoga teacher with a passion for dynamic, creative and explorative movement, steeped in the traditional methods of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. 

‘My yoga journey really began some years ago when in the midst of some dreadful back pain, a family member referred me to Suzanne’s classes! Suzanne sparked a passion in me, yet life and its many twists and turns (and a big three year stint in Sydney!) meant that this spark lay dormant for the next 2 years. Eventually the back pain got the better of me once again and I found my way back to yoga to try and take some control. Along with incredible functional improvement, I also found a true love for the practice. I completed my 200 hour training in India in 2018, and began teaching small and intimate dynamic vinyasa classes, whilst working around my career as a singer. 

On my teaching journey I have realised a true passion for helping people to reconnect with their bodies. When lockdown hit in March 2020, I was actually in India completing my 300 hour qualification as a yoga therapist, and since then my classes have definitely developed a focus on mind-body awareness and symptomatic relief – incorporating the many therapeutic benefits of traditional Hatha yoga with more modern functional and mobility-based movement techniques.

Coming from a 13-year-long career as a singer and artist, I love to inject a fun and light-hearted energy into my flows. Together, we’ll move calmly, curiously, kindly, and in tune with our own hearts and bodies.’


Dr. CryDr Crystal Chanderbhan ND Naturopathic Doctorstal Chanderbhan, ND is a naturopathic doctor with a special interest in gut health, skin health and pelvic floor health. In addition to private practice, she teaches midwifery students at Ryerson University, medical doctors at University of Toronto, and nurses at the Women’s College Hospital how to conduct a well-person pelvic examination since 2007. She is also the founder of Durham region’s largest community acupuncture program, bringing accessible and sustainable community-centered healthcare to Pickering since 2017.

Common modalities that Dr. Chanderbhan, ND uses to restore balance to her patients include: acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, facial gua sha, pelvic floor therapy, dietary modifications, mindfulness, B12 injections, bio-identical hormones and neutraceuticals.

Throughout the core of her practice, the focus is always patient-centered while ensuring evidence based practices are implemented. Dr. Chanderbhan, ND believes that all forms of healing have their time and place, and as such, collaboration with other healthcare practitioners frequently occurs to ensure that patients receive optimal care to help them achieve their health goals.