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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

What is a Gong Bath?

A Gong Bath is a lot like a deep, relaxing massage using sound. It’s called a Gong Bath because you’ll be bathed in sound from the Gongs. You simply lie down, get comfortable and let the sound waves wash over you.

Why attend a Gong Bath?

Gong Baths are a great way to energise, develop awareness, and experience deep relaxation.  Everything you see around you is vibrating at a frequency, whether you sense it or not, sound frequencies can affect us on a cellular level, influencing how we feel and function. Gong Baths use vibrational sound and frequency to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of well-being for better health. They trigger a meditative state in which we can to let go if we choose and enter a state of harmony and ease. Gongs produce harmonic and dissonant tones which help the body achieve a higher vibration, while clearing and cleansing the mind on subconscious levels.

Physically the vibrations are often felt strongly in the body and it’s not uncommon to feel the vibrations for a short period of time after the gong bath. A gong bath is ideal for soothing the nervous system and re-establishing a healthy relationship between the parasympathetic (resting) and sympathetic (stress response) nervous system. The vibrations have also been shown to have a detoxifying effect on the blood, and often have a positive effect on aches and pains in the body.

The gong also enables the brain to become efficient in producing Theta and Delta waves, which are produced by the brain during deep sleep and trance-like states. As a result of altered brain waves some people experience a sense of timelessness, images or visions and may feel like they’ve been transported out of their body into the surrounding space. The altered brainwaves bring about a deep sense of healing – whilst mostly relaxing, occasionally an unpleasant memory or feeling can be released but this is momentary and is part of the whole healing experience.

Most people report that they sleep better after a gong bath, and it’s not uncommon to feel more relaxed and energised for a few days afterwards.

The best way to appreciate what happens is to come along and try a session.

What to expect

You are invited to lie down and make yourself comfortable. We offer some words to help you relax and open up to the experience, before starting to play the gongs. You remain lying down for the duration of the session and just let the sound of the gongs wash over you. The session normally lasts 40 – 50 minutes and is followed by quiet reflection, space to ask questions and light refreshments to help you gather yourself for the outside world. Some yoga mats and eye masks are provided if you don’t have your own; you will need to bring a pillow, blanket or sleeping bag to help you to be comfortable. Please wear comfortable clothes. It is sensible not to eat a heavy meal in the 2 hours before the Gong Bath.

A gong bath acts as a detox and it is important that you drink plenty of water afterwards and rest if possible.

Gong baths are not recommended during the first and last trimester of pregnancy or if you have a pacemaker. They may not be suitable for metal implants (not including dental fillings), sensitivity to sound including tinnitus and Meniere’s, for some forms of epilepsy and seizures, and for some mental health issues – please contact us to discuss any of these issues prior to booking. They are not suitable for young children (14 and under) – 15 and 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. If you have any concerns about your health and how it might be affected by a gong bath please contact us to discuss prior to booking. Recording of the event is  forbidden.

Alex and Suzanne are experienced gong practitioners with a wealth of experience. Alex is a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA).

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