Gong Yoga: A Deeper Experience

Like yoga? And gongs? Then you’re going to love Gong Yoga (aka Sound Yoga).

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What is it?

It’s a fusion of yoga and gong (sound) therapy. Gongs, singing bowls & other healing instruments are played throughout the yoga class in order to enhance the practice. The yoga used is mostly Kundalini Tantra based with the inclusion of some slower Yin / Restorative poses. The sessions also include a lot of breathwork and meditation.

How does it work?

The gongs add vital elements to a yoga practice. They produce Prana which can be absorbed and directed within the body – in other words they build energy and provide deeper healing. The gongs also work on the nervous system, mimicking our experience of the World. You develop strategies to cope with stress, and you get better at relaxing. The gongs can help you go deeper, physically and mentally. They also absorb you into the present moment and can provide focus in meditation. In addition, the vibrations from the gongs are used to align the various energy points in the body by adjusting their frequency. This means greater coherence and elevated emotions such as bliss, love and compassion.

Who will benefit?

Everyone apart from those contra-indicated (see below). This is an accessible practice and is especially useful for people who find the meditation aspect of yoga difficult. Gong Yoga is both relaxing and energising so covers most bases.


These classes are not suitable during the first and last trimester of pregnancy or if you have a pacemaker. They may not be suitable for metal implants (not including dental fillings & implants), sensitivity to sound including tinnitus and Meniere’s, for some forms of epilepsy and seizures, and serious mental health issues. They are not suitable for anyone 16 or under.

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