So you’re doing the work, now how do you live life fully? How do you thrive?

Life isn’t always easy. To think that we can always be chilled out is unrealistic. In fact if we remove challenge from our life, we stop growing and begin to stagnate.

If you want to thrive in this world you need to be in the flow of life. But you also need to be armed with the tools to stay healthy, vital and on track.

All of the practices in our Healing and Knowing steps will of course help you thrive. But we have found some additional tools that add an edge, and make life really come alive.

Here are our favourite thriving techniques to keep you energised, in good health, and living to your full potential.


Gong baths are a great way to keep your energy levels topped up. They require no more effort than just turning up & lying down, but provide the same benefits as meditation & sleep. Plus it keeps your nervous system in check.

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Tai Chi Qigong is a powerful yet gentle way to maintain balance, raise energy levels & manage stress. This practice keeps you grounded, oils the joints, builds bone density, regulates blood pressure, restores range of movement & much more.

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Sometimes you need a neutral eye to look at your life. You need someone to help you set goals, and, moreover, to make sure you achieve them. Life coaching can turn your life around and help you live the life you dreamed of.

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