Ground Into Autumn

Ground Into Autumn

Why you should stand your ground as we come into Autumn.

Autumn corresponds to the Vata dosha in Ayurveda, characterised by qualities of coldness, dryness, and excessive movement (think, wind). If you don’t ground down during this time and turn inward, connecting to the nourishment of the earth element, you can easily get swept away in the falling leaves and lose your way.

Any yoga pose where you can “root” to the ground is useful. This could be standing, sitting, or reclined. Here are some suggestions:

1/ Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

This pose allows you to ground through the hands and feet.

Holding the pose for 1 to 2 minutes can be intense enough to connect you to the present moment via the sensations in the body.

It also builds heat, useful for the cooler temperatures.

2/ Standing Forward Fold

Ground Into Autumn

Turn the World on its head but stay connected to the Earth via your feet.

This pose stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, creating a sense of grounded security.

Keep your knees soft and the body loose so you don’t “snap” in the fierce Autumnal winds.

3/ Tree Pose

Ground Into Autumn

There is nothing more grounding than a balancing pose. Let your mind drift and you’ll fall over.

Autumn can also be about letting go of your dead leaves – as you balance, visualise releasing that which you have outgrown.

You don’t need to take the foot so high up the leg – you can even just rest it on the top of the other foot. Don’t lock the knee of the standing leg – keeping it a little soft adds strength and adaptability.

4/ Savasana


Savasana is a symbolic death – the ancient yogis used it as a trial run for death.

Connect to it as a chance to rest and renew, just like Nature.

Allow yourself to get quiet, draw inward, and conserve your energy.

5/ Seated Meditation

Visualise roots growing from your sitting bones, deep down into the Earth. As you breathe in, imagine drawing energy from the Earth upwards, and as you exhale let it infuse in your body. Notice the energetic quality of the Earth – slow, stable, consistent – and absorb what you need.