The first step to lasting change is healing. This is the art of letting go.

None of us have arrived at this point free of hurts, disappointments, regrets, trauma & stress, or injury & illness.

All of these things can leave an imprint on our body, mind and emotions. They can change how we think, how we react to life, and even our posture and health. Unless we learn the art of letting go, these imprints will dictate the path of our life.

Trying to lay new changes on a damaged system is like building an extension on a subsiding house. First we need to restore balance and stability to the existing structure as best we can.

In our own healing, we tried many different things. The techniques that delivered results for us are now the techniques we offer to you. They’re simple, accessible and they really work:


Yin Yoga Square

Slow & gentle, Yin Yoga releases the tissue of the body. It helps us change shape & thus our pattern of being. And in the silence of the practice, you learn to listen to your body once more.

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Breath Square

How well we breathe is crucial to our well-being. Our breath reflects how we’re living our life. By healing & understanding the way we breathe, we have the potential to change our lives fundamentally.

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TRE Square

Imagine you could spark the body’s own healing response, release trauma & tension, reset your nervous system, and wake up your body. TRE offers you a powerful yet simple path to freedom through healing.

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