About Suzanne Square


Suzanne is the founder of Babacool. She is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Coach & Trainer Pro (YAP) with over 4000 teaching hours under her belt.

She has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and worked in corporate finance for years before becoming a full time yoga teacher. Based just outside London, UK, she works online and locally.

Suzanne teaches meditative yoga that releases physical, emotional and mental patterns. She focuses on developing self-awareness, resilience, and freedom. Her classes are for those wishing to unravel their story and find their true self. They will also appeal to those who wish to experience deeper states of consciousness as well as those open to exploring more unconventional methods.

Away from teaching and training, she enjoys plant based cooking, Americana and blues music, reading, theatre and travel.

  • Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher with over 4000 hours teaching experience. YAP Yoga Coach & Mentor, and YAP Trainer Pro (yoga training provider).
  • Fully qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga, Sports Yoga (Sarah Ramsden), and Yin Yoga (Sarah Lo).
  • Certified breath coach with Oxygen Advantage.
  • TRE (Trauma & Tension Release Exercises) instructor.
  • Qualified and highly experienced Gong Practitioner / Sound Therapist & am passionate about the healing effects of sound. I have trained with Mark Swan, Don Conreaux, Mehtab Benton and others.
  • Studied with several renowned meditation teachers including Sally Kempton. I have been practising meditation since my early 20s and have knowledge of a number of different schools including Vipassana, Kashmir Shaivism (Tantra), Kundalini and Mindfulness.
  • Professional development with Uma Dinsmore Tuli (Yoga Nidra), Max Strom (Inner Axis), Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), Jo Phee (Acuyin) and Anodea Judith (Bioenergetics). I am hugely interested in the history of yoga and have completed a course of study of this with SOAS/ Yoga Campus.
  • ITEC qualified massage therapist
  • Reiki Master.
  • Currently in training to be as a plant-based nutritionist.

“I discovered yoga & meditation in my 20s and used the practice to stay sane in the corporate world and beyond. In the mid 90s I found myself practising more and more, and becoming increasingly interested in the history and philosophy of yoga, tantra and Buddhism. Soon afterwards I decided to train to teach yoga and Babacool was born.

I am now a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher with over 4000 hours teaching under my belt. I am also a Yoga Coach & Mentor, and Training Provider. Yoga and meditation is a rabbit hole & I never get tired of exploring it.

Babacool is all about helping you to understand what makes you You. Helping you unravel the bits that aren’t healthy and restore balance. Of course our classes help you to relax, slow & soften in all areas of your life, but I also believe that building your resilience to stress and sense of aliveness & energetic charge is equally important. So it’s not all easy!

I work with your body to heal all aspects of you, including the mind. The practices we offer give you greater awareness of your mind, body & emotions and how they link together. This will help you to understand how your life has shaped you, mind and body. You will release trauma, childhood patterns & negative thinking, destructive habits and beliefs that belong to others. This will empower you with self-awareness and techniques to keep you healthy and grounded in a fast-paced world.

Quite often who we think we are today is just a collection of coping methods, labels, layers upon layers of stress & tension, repressed emotions & dreams, trauma, other people’s dramas and negative thought patterns, sometimes dating back to our childhoods. We’ve been living with it all for so long we’ve started to think it’s our personality. This is a recipe for sickness and unhappiness. Freeing people from this false sense of self, allowing them to reach their full potential and to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life is what I’m passionate about.

I have a lot of powerful tools at my disposal now and a wealth of knowledge from some of the World’s leading teachers, practitioners and therapists: My teaching approach is relaxed and fact-based – I’m not a strict teacher although often I will offer up challenges, both physical and mental. What you do with those challenges is up to you.”


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Alex Online Team

Alex is the lead trainer for our Gong Training. He has trained with some of the World’s most renowned Gong Masters and has built three of his own gongs with master craftsman Broeder Oetken. In addition, Alex is an advanced Tai Chi Qigong instructor, qualified life coach, and advanced first aid instructor. He brings a wealth of business knowledge, as well as varied life experience.