Know your self and the World is yours.

Knowing is crucial to lasting change but most people overlook it.

This step gets you to figure yourself out. Why do you behave the way you do? What or who influences your decisions? Do you keep repeating the same destructive patterns over and over again? Why?

Quite simply, whose life are you living?

Parents, teachers, friends, society, media and our experiences have shaped who we are today. But the question is how much?

You cannot simply install a new program on top of an old one. Sooner or later the original program will re-appear and conflict with the new one. We self sabotage time & time again.

Developing self awareness takes time. But if you do the work, true freedom will be yours. Uncover your unconscious bias and motivation, your coping methods, needs, false identifications and all the shit that isn’t you!

Here are the techniques that delivered the results for us. They are accessible, fun and work.

Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is a fast track to awareness. It uses breath, movement, bio-energetics, & meditation to challenge you. This practice shines a light on patterns and habits holding you back.

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In the stillness of a meditation practice, the ways in which we are not our self become obvious. You can hear the unconscious. Your body starts to reveal its secrets too. Quite simply, this is your path to freedom.

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Mend the Mind





Journaling Square

Keeping a journal is a writing meditation. Getting your thoughts on paper gives them clarity & structure. Because patterns of thought are identified & understood, bad habits can be broken.

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Write to Wisdom


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