Fundamental Healing

Why breath coaching?

Breathing is the most fundamental thing we do and we certainly can’t survive without it. We breathe between 17,000 and 30,000 time a day. So what if we’re getting it wrong?

Dysfunctional breathing or breathing pattern disorders can severely impact health and well-being – whether it’s contributing to a spiral of stress, anxiety and panic disorders; impacting inflammation levels in the body leading to chronic conditions and a host of other issues; reducing the amount of oxygen getting to the muscles, tissues and brain leading to fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog and more; or impacting the quality of your sleep and emotional well-being.

Learning how to breathe correctly is one of the best investments in your health and well-being you can ever make.

Dysfunctional breathing patterns include:

Hyperventilation or over-breathing (breathing in excess of the requirements of your body)

Unexplained breathlessness

Irregular breathing

Mouth breathing (awake or asleep – snoring and sleep apnea)

Upper chest movement (paradoxical breathing)

Hearing the breath during rest

Frequent sighing or yawning

What’s Involved?

A breath coaching session typically consists of a series of tests to identify any breathing pattern disorders including breathlessness, paradoxical breathing, over-breathing and dysfunctional use of the breathing muscles. A Heart Rate Variability test may also be carried out to asses the health of the autonomic nervous system. Breathing exercises are then practised and prescribed in order to begin to correct the breathing pattern.


Reduced breathlessness and incidence of exercise induced asthma

Increased sleep quality (includes snoring and sleep apnea)

Improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery to cells

Nervous system balance

Reduction in stress and anxiety

A calmer mind and improved concentration

Reduction in the symptoms of chronic conditions

Improved athletic performance

Elevated energy levels

Improved immune system function

Reduction in upper body tension

Alleviated symptoms of asthma

Improved functional movement and spinal stability

Why Choose Me?

I am a certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor with a well-founded understanding of the science of breathing – the Oxygen Advantage harnesses the wisdom of Buteyko breathing to restore the bichemistry, biomechanics and psycho-physical aspects of breathing, as well as using Intermittent Hypoxic Hypercapnic Training (breath holds) to simulate high altitude conditions and cause positive adaptations within the body. Additionally I am very experienced in yogic pranayama (breath control) including Tummo breathing, more commonly known these days as part of the Wim Hof method.


In Person: An initial 90 minute session costs £50 and includes breath and HRV tests, a full lifestyle review and a tailored program of breathing exercises. Subsequent 60 minute sessions cost £35.

Online: sessions cost £30 for 60 minutes. Before your first online session you will need to complete a detailed questionnaire covering health, lifestyle and needs.

If your income has been affected adversely by COVID-19 then please contact me to discuss options.

Breathing affects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, muscular, and psychic systems, and also has a general effect on your sleep, memory, ability to concentrate, and your energy levels. – Donna Farhi