Healing, Knowing, Thriving

There are three steps to lasting change – healing, knowing and thriving. Our Tools for Change will help you achieve all three.

Step one is healing.

None of us are without hurt, disappointment, injury, illness or trauma. We need to heal the damage done before we can truly move on.

Tools for Change: Yin Yoga, Breath Coaching, TRE

Step two is knowing.

Why do you behave the way you do? What subconscious habits & patterns are directing your life? Until we deal with all this, we will never be free to be our self.

Tools for Change: Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Keeping a Journal

Step three is thriving.

With the hard work done, this stage helps you maintain balance, and maximise life. This is the day to day work of topping up energy, staying healthy and achieving your dreams.

Tools for Change: Gong Baths & Gong Yoga, Plant Based Nutrition, Life Coaching, Tai Chi Qigong.

Our Tools for Change are therapies and practices that have worked for us and that are rooted in results. There is of course cross over with the practices – for example. Yin Yoga is healing but it can also help us know our patterns and maintain our well-being. But we have divided them into three steps to simplify your choice, helping you choose the right path for where you are now. We are always on hand to help you choose the right practice for you.


Healing Babacool Yin TRE Breath Letting Go


Thriving Babacool Life Coaching Gong Nutrition


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