Outdoor Yoga June 2020

Class News July 2020

Even though lockdown rules have been eased, our industry is still restricted to teaching outside and to no more than 5 people, ideally spaced 2 metres apart. Alex and I continue to monitor the situation and to understand the science. We want to make decisions based on keeping you all safe as well as making the classes accessible. Some yoga studios are planning to reopen towards the end of July but with a lot of new restrictions in place. We believe it will be September before we start to think about indoor classes.

Even when indoor classes restart there will be a lot of things to consider.

Class sizes are likely to be hugely reduced to allow distancing. We will have to consider the wisdom of breath practices like Breath of Fire in a confined space. Chanting might also be an issue. Heating systems will likely restrict which venues we can use safely.

So whatever happens, the online part of Babacool is here to stay.

We currently have 5 regular live Zoom classes a week and plan to start a meditation class & early morning session shortly. Private 1-2-1 online classes are in demand, as are TRE and breath coaching sessions. The Class Archive, available to members who purchase the 4 week package, has almost 70 recordings and we have lots of plans to extend this. Alex is adding Fan Form, a focus on specific movements, and an introduction to the Eight Pieces of the Brocade. I will be adding Yoga Nidra, seated sessions, more breath work and much more.

Working online seems to divide people. Some love it, some not so much! Check out our blog post The Joy of Online Yoga for some ideas about developing your home practice. Certainly there has never been a more important time to commit to your practice.

We have compiled a few more Spotify playlists to accompany the lessons – search Babacool Yoga. New playlists include Chants, Meditation and Savasana. Expect a Qigong list shortly.

Outdoor Classes

In typical British Summertime style, we have managed one outdoor class at Ridgeway Academy in four weeks!

Outdoor Yoga June 2020

It was pretty special though and felt like a small victory. Thank you to the five ladies who came along. We plan to do more, weather permitting. If you’re interested, please get in touch. I am also teaching some 1-2-1s at the farm.

Outdoor Yoga June 2020