July Reading List

July Reading List

July Reading List:

Here are my top five books to read this month:


1/ Johann Hari – Lost Connections

Lost Connections


A really engaging book that examines depression in the context of the world we live in. It explores mostly societal causes of depression and lists nine in total, ranging from meaningless work to disconnection from nature.




2/ Mark Singleton – Yoga Body

Yoga Body


For anyone still under the illusion that yoga is about touching your toes and wearing Lycra! This is an in depth look at the history of the practice, exploring its meditative roots and how we ended up where we are today. Surprisingly illustrates how sun salutes & other modern practices arose from Swedish gymnastics, British Military Fitness and Indian body building!



3/ Anodea Judith – Eastern Body, Western Mind

Eastern Body Western Mind


A classic text on the chakra system, merging Eastern anatomy with Western psychology. This is a constant reference book for me. Anodea Judith is also one of my favourite teachers.




4/ Bessel Van Der Kolk – The Body Keeps the Score

The Body Keeps the Score


This is rightly considered to be a masterpiece. Bessel Van Der Kolk is an expert on traumatic stress with over 30 years experience. He explores the limits of drugs and talking therapies for healing trauma. And he proposes new ways of recovery through the mind body connection, including yoga.



5/ Giulia Enders – Gut

Giulia Enders - Gut


Highly recommended, fun and interesting! You will never think about your digestive system in the same way again. Fascinating stuff.