April Reading List 2022

April Reading List 2022

Spring cleaning for the mind….

1/ James Wallman – Stuffocation: Living More with Less

April Reading List 2022


If you like the Minimalists, you’ll enjoy this. Ditch Materialism in favour of Experientialism. In other words, ditch “stuff” and prioritise experience. The young are shifting towards this anyway. So, read it (on Kindle, of course!), be inspired and ahead of the curve.



2/ Dr Nicole LePera – How to do the Work

April Reading List 2022


I have no doubt that “you have to do the work” will be inscribed on my grave stone! The road to well-being and good health takes time. There are no quick fixes. This book helps you unravel adverse experiences and trauma (especially from childhood). Until we work through this, we will keep repeating self-sabotaging behaviours, and good health will elude us. (See also Spiritual Bypassing)


3/ Georgina Hayden – Nistisima

April Reading List 2022


Just simple, beautiful Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European vegan recipes. This is a beautiful recipe book. Perfect for Spring and Summer.



4/ Thomas Verny – The Embodied Mind

Thomas Verny The Embodied Mind


This book is fascinating. The mind is not in the head. Intelligence, memory, and consciousness penetrate every part of our being, right down to the cellular level. The author explains epi-genetics really well and makes a complex subject accessible. Highly recommended for yogis and body-workers.



5/ Viktor Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning

Man's Search for Meaning


This book is a classic. It feels like a timely read with everything happening in Ukraine at the moment. This is a book of hope, resilience, and how humans are capable of the very worst and very best of behaviour. And ultimately it is about the power of finding meaning and purpose in life. An unforgettable book.