July Reading List 2022

July Reading List 2022

Epic books for hot days.

1/ Ben Greenfield – Boundless: Upgrade your brain, optimize your body & defy aging

July Reading List 2022


This book is a monster! Is it completely factual? Perhaps not. However, don’t let that put you off. This book contains over 600 pages of health hacks, scientific research, and stuff you’ve probably never heard of before. Want to be superhuman? Then this one is for you.


2/ Michael O’Neill – On Yoga. The Architecture of Peace

July Reading List 2022

Quite simply, one of the most beautiful books on yoga going. Michael O’Neill is a photographer who also loves yoga. The result is a stunning collection of photographs and inspiring content. The perfect gift for a yogi friend, or even just as treat for your coffee table.



3/ Sally Kempton – Awakening Shakti

Sally Kempton Awakening Shakti

A beautiful book from one of my favourite teachers. Within the Tantric tradition, there are numerous goddesses of yoga. Whether you choose to revere them or not, these goddesses are useful archetypes by which to order your life. Calling on bountiful Lakshmi to connect to the beauty of Earth, Saraswati when you need to communicate well, Kali when you need to fight for justice and freedom. This is a beautifully inspirational book, making a complex subject accessible.


4/ John Yates – The Mind Illuminated

John Yates The Mind Illuminated

Everything you ever wanted to know about meditation but were too afraid to ask. This is easily one of the best books on meditation out there. If you’re new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, this book will inspire, educate, and deepen your practice.


5/ Georg Feuerstein – The Yoga Tradition

The Yoga Tradition

Any serious student of yoga will come across this book at some time or other. If your interest in the subject extends off the mat and into its past, then this is a great place to start to understand classical yoga’s origins & development.