September Class News

September Class & Gong News

As we move into the quieter months of autumn, we’re turning our attention to more classes, short courses and hopefully a gong bath,

We continue to work online for the moment. Alex had planned to start running in-person Qigong sessions again at Woolmer Green but unfortunately there was not enough demand to make it worth his while. Moving classes back into a physical space is not without challenges. Adequate ventilation requires a heating system that is not recycled air which rules out a lot of spaces. The alternative is a room where doors and windows to the outside can be kept open which perhaps won’t be great come the colder days of October. Hire costs are not being lowered but social distancing means that our class sizes will have to be greatly reduced. And there are greater demands on our time, such as cleaning of toilets and the rooms themselves.

We remain open to the idea of returning to classes in person but for the moment are choosing to stay online.

We would absolutely love to run a gong bath so if this is something you would attend, please let us know. It will entail more work and costs but if demand is there we would be really happy to arrange one.

On the 20th September we will be running a Level 1 gong training course at the Light Centre in Monument, Central London. there are 2 spaces left so if you fancy learning to rattle the gong check it out.

I’m planning to run a Reiki Level 1 course at the start of October so please give me a shout if you’re interested. More information available here.

If there is anything you would like to see more of on the Members Area of the website, please let us know. There are over 120 recordings there at the moment and we’re working hard to try to order them into something easier to navigate. I’m putting together a 6 week meditation course which should be live by the end of the month which will showcase different styles of meditation (yes, it’s not one size fits all). And I’m planning a course focusing on breath and correcting dysfunctional breathing patterns. But we’re also open to suggestions so please let us know if we can provide anything further that will be helpful and interesting,

And finally a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered & took part in an online TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) session with me. I am in the final stages of qualifying as a TRE facilitator and have one more group to lead. If you would like to give it a go please get in touch – I need 3 more curious souls, happy to tremor and release long-term tension.