August Reading List

Sex, drugs, food…and the climate emergency in the August Reading List.

1/ Jenna Hollenstein – Eat to Love

August Reading ListThis is a lovely book. It opens by saying that it won’t help you lose weight (although I suspect it might). Rather it is a way of applying Buddhist teachings to nutrition. There are some wonderful lessons in this book for re-gaining trust in the body, breaking the “diet” mentality, eating intuitively and developing a healthier relationship with food.




2/ Nicole Daedone – Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

August Reading ListThis came onto my radar when the Daily Mail and Telegraph started attacking it. Always a good reason to check something out, I find! This is very Californian and it’s not the best book ever written. But it tackles a very taboo subject (the female orgasm from a sort of Tantric point of view) and is a lot of fun. Equally the contents are empowering both for women and men. Maybe her “in-person” events are a bit shady, who knows, but I read the book and don’t feel brainwashed or cult-ish (sorry Daily Fear). I just learned a lot of cool stuff. It will make your Staycation much less tedious!



3/ Tom Robbins – Tibetan Peach Pie

August Reading ListFor the pure joy of reading I recommend this one. I love Tom Robbins so I’m clearly biased but I found this book laugh out loud funny. He’s clear this isn’t a biography just a collection of stories from his life that made him the writer he is. Tales of circuses, Bohemia, the military, rattlesnakes, drugs & more. The characters are off-beat and the stories decidedly nuts – but this is a life lived fully. And this book made me want to go out there and do just that.



4/ Mike Berners-Lee – There is no Planet B

August Reading ListLike a lot of us, I am increasingly concerned with what is unfurling around us. I’ve read a lot on the subject & the books have ranged from hopeful to profoundly frightening. I have chosen to recommend this one because it is hopeful. And also practical – it gives examples of things we can all do. (I will say that I don’t agree with everything in this book, particularly the stuff on farming). This is Not a Drill by Extinction Rebellion is well-worth your time if you want to act. Check out Prof. Jem Bendell too to understand the deeper issues such as civilisation breakdown. I’m not sure much else matters currently.



5/ Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat Pray Love

August Reading ListI haven’t included this one before as I figured most people have read it or seen the film. But it’s a classic, maybe now a little too dated, but still, when I first read it, it made a huge impression on me. The true story of a woman who jacks in everything and takes a timeout in Italy, India and Bali. If you’ve only seen the film then I really suggest trying the book. It makes much more sense of her decisions. A lot of my male friends always make a big deal about the way she leaves her husband! The book explains all…