August Reading List

August Reading List:

Here are my top 5 books to read this August:

1/ James Nestor – Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Breath by James Nestor


Just awesome! A really engaging look at something we do about 20,000 times a day. And not many of us do it well. Breath is the key to health, ignore it at your peril. This tops the August Reading List.




2/ Osho – Freedom; The Courage to Be Yourself

Osho - Freedom; The Courage to be Yourself

Before Wild, Wild Country coloured everyone’s opinion of Osho (or Rajneesh) he was revered as a great spiritual teacher. He was even called the most dangerous man since Jesus. Don’t ignore his teachings because of the documentary – what he lacked as a practical man, he made up for as a spiritual teacher. Everything I have read by him has blown my thinking apart and has led me to where I am. It’s hard to choose something to recommend. But perhaps start here, with his book on freedom. Question and challenge everything!



3/ Matthew Walker – Why We Sleep

Matthew Walker Why We Sleep


Everything you ever wanted to know about sleep but were too afraid to ask. I love sleep, always have. Far from something only lazy people excel at, here is the low-down on how sleep is essential for your well-being. Read and perfect the fine art of sleeping!




4/ Susan Cain – Quiet

Susan Cain - Quiet


Introverts of the World unite! If, like me, you often feel overwhelmed in a World that seems to value the louder people more, then I would totally recommend that you read this.  Extolling the virtues of introverts and showing how the World could be different if we started to nurture and respect the quieter qualities more. This is a great read.



5/ David Sinclair – Lifespan – Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To

Lifespan - David Sinclair


Not the easiest read but definitely worth it. If you think that aging (and decline) is inevitable, think again. It’s all here for you to change your mindset and your life. This book also raises a lot of interesting questions about the wisdom of increasing our lifespan.