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Yoga Teacher Training: What to Expect

What can you expect during your Yoga Teacher Training 220 hours of study?

1/ Personal Development

This is often overlooked but is a key element of the training. Yoga doesn’t just work the muscles; it changes the shape of everything, from understanding, to lifestyle, and mindset. Yoga Teacher Training provides a unique opportunity to explore your practice deeply; putting Asana, Pranayama, and meditation into perspective that is often overlooked in a class.

In a Teacher Training the pieces of the puzzle come together, practice becomes more meaningful, and physical, emotional, & mental tendencies & habits come into sharp focus. Yoga moves from something you do a few times a week, to something that infuses every aspect of your life. Taking part on a Teacher Training means doing the work on yourself. It’s a chance to reflect, and to change; a rare pause in the rush of life.

Teaching also allows you to step outside your comfort zone. It’s a new skill. And whether you decide to go on and teach, or not, the experience of sitting in front of your peers and leading them through a class boosts confidence, and understanding.

2/ Mastery

Okay, you’re not going to master Yoga in 220 hours. But, your knowledge will deepen exponentially. Many people decide to do a Teacher Training, not to teach but to deepen their knowledge; realising that there is more to Yoga than stretching & Savasana.

Yoga Teacher Training courses cover the history of yoga, the philosophy, the tools, and lifestyle. What is the purpose of Asana and Pranayama? Why is lifestyle a consideration? How do the classical practices translate to the modern day? What you learn over the course of the training will positively alter your relationship to Yoga, and add depth to your practice.

3/ A lot of Yoga

If you’re looking for an excuse to do a lot more Yoga, then a Teacher Training is it. Each training session includes at least one practice, and practical exploration of postures and movement, breath, and meditation. In addition, you are expected to adhere to a consistent personal practice, as you settle in to your new role as committed yogi.

If there’s one thing guaranteed on a Yoga Teacher Training, it’s a new burst of enthusiasm for your practice!

4/ New friends

You will spend considerable time with your peers on the training. And being part of something challenging and transformational creates bonds and a team spirit. Friends you make on your Training provide a support network for your teaching and ongoing development, during and long after the training ends. People I met on my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training are still some of my best friends. They remind me of a special time, and unique experiences that we shared.

5/ A Life Changing Skill

Whether you go on to teach or not, what you learn on your training will serve you well. If you do decide to teach, you have the potential to change the course of your life. Perhaps you’ll teach part time – leading Yoga classes in and around your normal employment can be deeply rewarding. If you decide not to teach, the skills you’ve learned will allow you to live life to the full, looking after your energy, health, and mental well-being. Relationships and careers are often improved, marrying new self-esteem with awareness. And the yogic approach to life can be applied to all situations, bringing balance, harmony, and energy.


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