Winter Warmer Practice 4:4 breath and shakes

Winter Warmer Practice

Does Winter leave you cold (!)? Does the very idea of being cosy make you feel nauseous? Are you living for the return of the Spring sun? Then help is here with this super easy winter warmer practice. It won’t speed up time unfortunately, but it will keep you sane, and keep lethargy at bay.

Sit or stand comfortably and in such as way that your spine is tall. No slouching!

Segment your breath into 4 sniffs in, 4 sniffs out. Find your own rhythm with this, and keep the breath light. This is an energising breath pattern – take the odd normal breath every now and again if you find it helps.

Now we’re going to shake in rhythm with the breath. You can just shake the arms if you like – each time you sniff, shake the arms. If you’d prefer the whole body, then shake any part you want in time with the 4:4 rhythm of your breath. Use music if you like – a slowish 4:4 beat – here’s one that works.

Continue for 3-5 minutes.

To end, inhale into the base of your lungs and hold the breath whilst you relax your shoulders, lengthen your spine, and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Then release and sit still. Enjoy the tingle of aliveness in all the cells and tissues. Visualise balmy evenings, new growth and the exhilaration of feeling the sun on your back. Say out loud “not long now” and tick another day off the calendar!


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