Solar Charged

Solar Charged

Ensure your batteries are solar charged, ready for the darker months, with this 10 minute practice. This is best practised outside in the early morning – if you’re inside, try to sit in natural light.

Sit comfortably with your spine straight, chest gently lifted, and chin tucked slightly towards your neck (a chair is fine for this – make sure your feet are flat on the floor (or use a block under your feet). You will need to be able to move your arms freely).

Throughout the practice, view the breath as more than air – feel the breath imbued with the light of the sun. Let every cell in your body absorb this light energy. You might also feel every pore in your skin breathing in sunlight too.

1/ Stretch your arms out in front of you and bring the backs of the hands together.

Keep your elbows straight. Hold this position with the arms, and practice Breath of Fire (see video if you’re unfamiliar with this breath). Move your upper abdominal wall with the breath (diaphragm), if you can. Start with 1 minute and build up to 3 minutes plus.

To end, inhale and retain the breath in your body (arms still in position) for at least 15 seconds. Very slowly, and gently exhale. Rest for one minute.

2/  Stretch your arms out to the side, horizontal to the floor.

Turn the right palm to face up, and the left to face down. Now bounce your arms up and down – it isn’t a big movement, just a few inches – while you do Breath of Fire. Rest your awareness on the space just above the belly button, and let it move with the breath. Start with 1 minute and build up to 3.

To end, inhale, hold for 15 seconds while you stretch your arms out to the side. Lightly and slowly breathe out.

3/ Breath Retention.

Rest your hands on your knees or in your lap. Inhale slowly & lightly, then hold the breath inside for as long as you comfortably can. As you hold the breath, visualise every cell in your body harvesting Prana, and storing it. Lightly and slowly breathe out. Repeat for 3 minutes plus.

To end inhale, hold the breath inside and feel yourself filled with the energy of the sun – warm, full of life & light which extends out in all directions, every cell in your body a mini sun. Breathe out slowly & gently. Repeat twice more.


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