Susie Helliwell

Painting Our Own Colours

Some really inspiring words from Susie Helliwell about how we define ourselves and often allow ourselves to be limited. And a call to us all to indulge our passions and creativity more in 2021. 

Something I’ve seen recently is that there’s a much better work/life balance in France, than the UK.

When you ask somebody “what do you do?” in France, they usually answer with their hobbies and passions, not their job. They aren’t so defined by their career, and it got me thinking about how so many of us, either by choice, financial circumstance or pressures, become a slave to our work and our employer. We miss so much living and our minds have been warped by the economical rat race, the fast pace demands of society, that actually living and existing in the moment, feeling truly happy and at peace with what we have, seems to evaporate as the pressures of work and society cloud us. 

This year I want to experience more art, culture and travel – physically and emotionally, do more of what I love. I love taking photos and am rarely with out a camera. There’s such an oasis of serenity to be found in stepping out of your comfort zone and I wish it was something we were all able to do more, to really live, and paint our own colours in the world when it goes grey.

So when someone asks you what you do answer with your passion, that should be what you “do”.

Susie Helliwell is a Tuesday night Kundalini yogi. She is also a wonderful photographer who has captured a lot of the images of the gongs on our website. Her photographs bring colour to my Facebook feed every day and provide endless inspiration. She is also a delight to work with. Check out her work on Facebook and Instagram.