COVID, Events, Xmas

November News 2021

October ended with a bang, November started with a whimper – Alex and I both got COVID. We were pretty gutted as we’d been so careful both for ourselves and also at our events. But this virus is extremely contagious and look away for a second and boom! We caught it at home – someone called briefly at the house and it was enough. (And yes, before anyone assumes we’re alt-right style conspiracy theorists, we are both fully vaccinated).

Thankfully we came through it fairly unscathed (and we really are extremely grateful for that). I would caution against anyone still under the impression that this is a cold or flu! Whilst my symptoms resembled that of a cold, the long term effects such as fatigue are relentless. Of our friends who have had it, three quarters are dealing with symptoms 6 weeks to 10 months afterwards.

I will just say that if you don’t believe in the virus and are choosing not to wear a mask, please let people you come into contact with know. Take all the risks you want with your own health, but be thoughtful about the consequences of your actions for others.

And so to our November news….


So rather than the holiday we had planned, we spent 2 weeks at home, drinking litres of water, sleeping and reading. (There is a well-stocked reading list this month!). But it has been quiet on the classes and events front as we have isolated and recuperated. As well as reading, I have used the time to set up a Substack Blog called the Reluctant Yogi. This is a freer version of this blog! I hope to relate stories about being a yoga teacher, to reflect on the wellness industry, and to call out conspiracy theories and the like. I would be very grateful for any subscribers.


We have three events before Xmas. This coming weekend there’s a gong bath on Saturday night in Woolmer Green (one space still available due to a cancellation – get in touch if you’d like to come). On Sunday night we’re putting on a free gong bath for Carers in Hertfordshire. We try to do at least one free event a year to support an organisation, local or otherwise. We’re looking forward to it and are sure it will be a great night.

The Yin and Gong Workshop at Woolmer Green on the 28th November is almost sold out. You can book the remaining spaces here.

Gong baths, trainings and events in 2022 are selling fast – details can be found here.


Alex and I are going to try to take an extended break over Xmas and into the New Year to fully shake COVID and to work on various projects. Anyone signing up for the Members Package during this time will have full access to the recordings over the whole period and will also receive a full 28 days of live classes (in other words, a good deal in terms of subscription time!).


And finally huge congratulations to Gareth Barry who qualified as a Reiki Level One practitioner with me. I wish him every success with his Reiki journey.