Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 220 Hours

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Here are some personal reflections from Suzanne on our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

The aim of the course

Very simply, we want to create great yoga teachers. And to do that, we aim to provide our trainees with comprehensive understanding of the practice of yoga, as well as the tools and techniques to teach skillfully. We want our graduates to be confident and accomplished. That Steve Martin line “be so good they can’t ignore you” informs most of what we do.

When I completed my teacher training there were so many things I didn’t understand. I have spent the last ten or so years, working it out. So, what you get in our training is a distillation of everything I’ve learned since I started practicing. Alex and Emma also bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. We can also share with us the wisdom from all the teachers we have studied with over the years. That means you’ll be starting out as a yoga teacher way ahead of where we were when we began.

Teaching yoga these days requires good business sense so we dedicate time to helping you develop a business plan. We also explore effective ways to market and advertise your classes. Developing you is also important so we will encourage you to identify your strengths & weaknesses, and to build a vision of where you want to go.

The Structure

In designing the course, specifically I looked at the training I received and assessed it’s plus & minus points.

When I trained, I really appreciated the pacing of the course. And what I loved was the immersion in yoga – the personal practice & reflection, reading & commitment. For twelve months, I could indulge my passion and dive deep.

We have reduced the duration of our course by a couple of months, running most of it over the Winter months & allowing you to graduate in the Summer.

It is designed to let you explore yoga fully; with in-person weekends, live online discussion groups, and a seven day intensive in France. Some of the people I studied with are still close friends, Emma being one of them. Community is important and there will be ample time to get to know your cohort.

In addition, participants will be expected to read, practice and explore. There is an extensive reading list to get stuck into. It’s hoped that trainees will develop a regular personal practice, and attend as many yoga classes as they can (minimum 20) in different styles of yoga.

Learning the anatomy & physiology is generally what most people dread. Our trainees can expect 30 hours online tuition prior to the first in person weekend. This means that you are ahead of the curve before we start practicing. Our in-person sessions will build on a steady foundation. The online study can be done at your own pace, with plenty of time to read around what you’re unsure of.

We will develop you as a teacher gradually throughout. I remember how nerve wracking it was teaching my first class to a group of my peers! With that understanding, we’ll ease you in gently, boosting your confidence and helping you find your voice. It takes time to teach well. But there are tools that will help and we’ll make sure you have them.

Yoga Style

This is not Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga. This is classic Tantric / Hatha yoga with an emphasis on Kundalini.

Yogi Bhajan’s style fused Sikh practices with Hatha yoga & Bioenergetics. There is no Sikh element to what we teach – no Sikh mantras, turbans or white robes.

Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini is also taught as rote – in other words, you teach sequences that he prescribed and you are forbidden to deviate from that. Questioning and deeper understanding of yoga is not encouraged by Yogi Bhajan’s schools – they consider their yoga the highest.

In reality learning like this means that you lack comprehensive knowledge. It’s like learning to teach certain phrases of a language without being fluent. Our training invites you to understand what you’re teaching and where it comes from. What it does from a scientific and yogic point of view. How to sequence a class and use techniques to achieve desired outcomes.

The style we teach is energy (nervous system) focused yoga with specific emphasis on breath and meditation. Classic yoga made applicable for today’s lifestyle. It is rooted in the ancient texts and philosophy, and translated for a modern audience via science, psychology, and current analogy. It will suit someone looking for an energy based, meditative approach to yoga, with special emphasis on the nervous system, breath, and healing the unconscious.


All we ask is that you have had at least 2 years of a committed yoga practice. A love of yoga and a desire to deepen your knowledge & experience is also expected.

Not everyone undertakes Yoga Teacher Training in order to teach. It’s a great way to deepen your understanding of the practice and dive much deeper than you would in a regular yoga class. We will encourage you to teach! But it doesn’t have to be your intention.

Equally you don’t have to be super bendy or wildly brilliant at yoga. I remember before my training spending hours trying to force myself into postures so that I wasn’t the worst on the training! The reality was there was a huge spread of ability on the training and no judgement whatsoever on anyone’s yoga ability. Remember there is a difference between teaching yoga and practicing yoga. In many ways, not being able to do certain poses will make you a better teacher because you will empathise with your students, and always remember what it feels like to be starting out.

The Tutors

Suzanne, Alex and Emma. A nerd, a fixer and a powerhouse! A Scorpion and two Capricorns.

Between us we cover Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Qigong, functional movement & physical fitness, life coaching, sound therapy, psychology, trauma therapy, breath coaching, massage, business management, and much more.

We are all passionate about training and about high standards in teaching. One thing is for sure, you will leave us the best teacher you can possibly be. We’re approachable, down to earth and fun. We’ve been teaching for years, and selflessly made loads of mistakes so you don’t have to!


We know that choosing who to study with is a big deal. We hope this has answered some of your questions. If you have others, why not get in touch and arrange a call?

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Our Teacher Training is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, ensuring high standards in training, and a qualification that is recognised worldwide.