June Reading List

June Reading List

June Reading List:

Here are my top five books to read this month:


1/ Gabor Mate – When The Body Says No

When the Body Says No

A life changing read – Gabor Mate, a retired physician, is one of the most influential voices in the World currently. This books connects chronic conditions to emotional states, showing how unprocessed trauma and negative coping strategies can often result in illness.



2/ Tara Swart – The Source

The Source


The science behind the Law of Attraction and how changing your mindset and focus can change your life.




3/ Edward Bullmore – The Inflamed Mind

The Inflamed Mind


A new take on depression – this book explores the new science on the link between mental depression and physical inflammation. It explains why mental disorders can have their roots in the immune system.



4/ Sally Kempton – Meditation For The Love Of It

Meditation For The Love Of It

One of my favourite teachers, if you struggle to keep up a meditation practice, this will inspire and motivate you to commit to a daily practice. Full of tips and guidance, this is a book I come back to time and time again.




5/ Steve Peters – The Chimp Paradox

The Chimp Paradox

During this time of lockdown when partners and children can often trigger irritation just by being there, this book provides a simplified model to help you manage your emotions and thoughts! Essential reading.