June Reading List

June Reading List

Books to help you kick back in the sun.

1/ John Fowles – The Magus

John Fowles

I don’t include fiction on these lists very often but it’s Summer, and there’s nothing like losing yourself in the sun with a good story. This is my absolute favourite book. A friend’s mum gave it to me when I was 16. She thought I was the sort of person who’d love it. And she wasn’t wrong. Set on a Greek island, it’s full of imagery, psychology, twists and magic. It’s a big read, but if you’re also the “sort of person who’d love it”, then you’ll really love it!




2/ Plants Only Kitchen – Gaz Oakley

Gaz OakleyGaz Oakley is something of a plant-based legend. He’s the person behind a lot of the Wagamama plant based dishes. And this is a fantastic recipe book; it’s full of easy, accessible recipes that you want to cook & eat. From Pastels de Nata (see this month’s recipe) to vegan “Prawn” toast, watermelon “Tuna” to Schnitzels. If you only buy one plant based cookbook this year, you won’t go wrong with this one. 10/10!



3/ Sound Medicine – Kulreet Chaudhary MD

Sond Medicine

This is a wonderful b0ok if you want to know more about sound healing. A lot of books on the subject are a bit out there, but this one has a foot firmly in science. Whilst the focus is mainly on mantra chanting, the author also outlines the principles by which gongs also work. The reach of this book is vast from Quantum Physics to Chakras. It relates ancient wisdom to modern science and medicine.



4/ The Big Book of Kombucha – Hannah Crum

KombuchaEverything you ever wanted to know about Kombucha but were too afraid to ask! Our house is always one jar away from annihilation & my experiments in Kombucha have terrified Alex. But if like me, your gut craves fermented tea and you don’t mind the odd “explosion”, then this, the Booch Bible, is a must for your library. SCOBY’s alive!



5/ Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

Energy Medicine

This is one of my go-to books about working with energy. Donna Eden is the queen of the subject, and this book provides a wealth of information. It draws together different traditions and provides easy to follow exercises for normalising energy flow in the body. There isn’t a lot of science in here, this is experiential. But a lot of it works and I thoroughly recommend this to anyone with an interest in subtle anatomy.