April News

April News

New classes, workshops, gong baths and trainings – our “Etch a Sketch” path out of lockdown.

Even in the unseasonably cold weather we’ve had recently, shoots of new life are appearing. And so it is with us, tentatively poking our head out, with one eye on the future, one eye on frosts perhaps  yet to come.

It’s a difficult time in which to plan ahead. As a small business we’re always keen to please so we asked the question a few weeks ago, where do you want us to go from here? Are you eager to get back into a class setting or would you prefer to stay online?

Overwhelmingly the yogis requested continued online classes. There were a few exceptions, but the vast majority, for numerous reasons, opted for the internet. The Qigong students were different – the majority aren’t fans of Zoom and are keen to get back to a class setting.


Alex will return to in-person Qigong when and if we’re allowed in May. There will be more on this in next month’s newsletter. The class will be live streamed, and is likely to be split in two with a more advanced session introduced.


Yoga will stay online, mostly as it is for now. Fast Kundalini Fix will begin online on Thursday 6th May and run weekly from 7.30-8.15am. The session will deliver all of the Kundalini buzz in half the time and will set you up for the day. It will be included in the Members Package or can be bought individually for £5.


To appeal to those who do want some in-person yoga but not yet the weekly commitment, I’m planning a series of workshops and events. These will all be COVID safe and are of course dependent on lockdown being eased in May. All purchases will be fully refunded should Government guidelines change (see individual events for our COVID refund policy). Currently we’re running:

Gong Yoga Workshop – 6th June – 9.30-11.30

Yin Yoga Workshop – 4th July – 16.30-18.15 – this will be followed by a gong bath.

Gong Yoga Workshop – 24th July – 9.00-11.00

More dates and events will be added so keep checking the In Person page on the website.

Outdoor Yoga

This will happen! I’m currently sourcing a suitable space to hold outdoor classes and I’m intending to teach Kundalini outside, not Yin. My hope is for one daytime and one evening class every week. Last year the weather scuppered most attempts. This year we’re going Wim Hof style – yoga whatever the weather.

Gong Baths

We released a date last week and it sold out almost straightaway, so demand hasn’t diminished during lockdown. We can’t wait to start playing gong for you all again. We’re sticking to large venues with fresh air ventilation and plenty of room to socially distance. We have three dates booked in so far and more in the pipeline.

22nd May 18.30-19.30, Woolmer Green – Sold Out (Waiting List Only)

12th June 18.30-19.30, Woolmer Green

4th July 18.30-19.30, Woolmer Green

Gong Training

We’ve secured a beautiful big theatre just minutes from Marble Arch for our Level 1 and Level 2 Gong Trainings. So if you or anyone you know is curious about learning to play gong, check it out.

Level One 17th July, 9.00-17.00, Carisbrooke Hall, Marble Arch, London

Level Two 18th July, 9.00-17.00, Carisbrooke Hall, Marble Arch, London


TRE group sessions are running online on Monday nights – I’m aiming for two a month. Dates and further information are available here.

So these are our tentative shoots of new growth. If we’ve learned anything over the past 12 months it’s that nothing is certain but we’re ready to go and look forward to seeing you all in the flesh sometime soon.