Books for March

March Reading List 2022

More books to inspire, stimulate, and provoke discussion….

1/ Oliver Bullough – Moneyland: Why Thieves And Crooks Now Rule The World And How To Take It Back

Money Land March Reading List

This is a couple of years old, but especially relevant currently. The sanctions against Russia look set to highlight the extent of corruption & illegal finance across the World. This book looks in particular at London. It is well-researched, engaging & disconcerting. If you want to understand more about the kleptokrats, tax havens, shell corporations, & extreme corruption, and how it affects you, start here.


2/ Kirsten Shockey – Fiery Ferments

March Reading List 2022

Combing three of my favourite things – spices, fermenting and concocting! Salsas, chutneys, kimchi, hot pickles and more. Build yourself a new jar shelf and get experimenting!



3/ Bernie Clark – Your Body Your Yoga

Bernie Clark

For yoga teachers the idea of perfect posture is an interesting topic. We instruct people to align their body “properly”. However, more & more research is showing that every body is different. So, what does “properly mean”. This is a lovely book if you want to understand real life posture, not text book norms.


4/ Joe Dispenza – Becoming Supernatural

March Reading List 2022

This was recommended to me. I was very cynical before I started it – ideas about the law of attraction go over my head. And there was a lot of stuff in here I thought was dubious. However, there was a lot of really interesting science and new ways of looking at things. Whether it’s right or not is a different matter, but I greatly enjoy the interface between ancient practices & modern science. For that alone, this turned out to be one of the better books I have read recently.


5/ Maggie Shipstead – Great Circle

March Reading List 2022

This novel is truly wonderful. If you’re looking for a vast, epic read, then look no further. It weaves two narratives. One follows Marian Graves, a female pilot who in 1950 attempted to fly the ‘great circle’ around the earth, flying over both North and South poles. The other describes a young actress playing her for a film. This is a book to remind you who great reading can be.