Redaing List January 2022

January Reading List 2022

Lots of you, I know, are aiming to read more this year. Here is the reading list to start 2022, with some suggestions that may inspire you.

1/ Oliver Burkeman – Four Thousand Weeks

Time Management January 2022 Reading ListIf, like me, you’ve tried all ways to improve your time management, this is for you. No tips for cramming more in, but a wonderfully realistic way of perceiving time. And for prioritising what’s important to you. This is one of those rare books that can really change the way you think about life. Accept your limits and use your precious time wisely. Ditch that time guilt!


2/ Michael Greger MD – How Not to Die

Nutrition January 2022 Reading List

If nutrition is your thing for 2022, you could do much worse than checking out Michael Greger. Not without controversy (but who is these days), what I like is that he’s not funded by any corporation. He’s also driven by research and backed up by a small army of doctors & scientists who fact check for him. If the book isn’t for you, check out his website & videos. He is also a regular guest on the Rich Roll podcast. At the very least, check out his daily dozen.


3/ Douglas Stuart – Shuggie Bain (Fiction)

Fiction January 2022 Reading List

As part of my drive to read more fiction this year, a friend gave me this. This is one of the most moving novels I have ever read, but it was difficult reading, and more than once I thought to stop. It tells the story of a family in Scotland in the 1980s, dominated by an alcholic mother. There are very few moments of humour, but it’s very real and thoroughly heartbreaking.



4/ Patrick McKeown – The Oxygen Advantage

Buteyko January 2022 Reading List

Patrick McKeown is the breath man. What he doesn’t know about breath isn’t worth knowing. I am proud to have studied with him; his Buteyko approach revolutionised how I practice and teach breath & yoga. If you’re working with breath in 2022, this is the place to start.



5/ Justina Blakeney – The New Bohemians

Interior Design Reading List January 2022

And finally, if you’re looking to breathe new life into your home this year, and you’re a die-hard hippy, check out Justina Blakeney. This book is full of bold colours, eclectic interior design ideas, recycling idea and plants! Okay, this is my style and isn’t for everyone, but it’s a beautiful book, full of inspriation.