Gong News – July 2020

Government guidelines are still prohibiting indoor gong baths. And the recent changeable weather is making outdoor events difficult. So in an effort to bring the gongs to you, we visited a local recording studio recently. Alex has been trying for months to capture the gongs in a meaningful way but lack of space and technology has frustrated his efforts.

Atlantis London Road Studios

The sound engineer had only worked previously with one gong during recording of a heavy metal album so the challenge was on! And the gongs didn’t disappoint, rattling the floor of the sound proofed studio against the odds. On hearing Thor, the engineer was heard to mutter “what the hell is that!” Several microphones were used to capture as much of the sound as possible. Of course nothing can replace the live vibration experience but this is as close as we’re going to get. We have a couple of recordings in the members area of the website, and one available to purchase. More will follow….

Thor London Road Studios