There are so many different styles of yoga & Qigong out there that it can be hard to know what to choose.

Between us we have years of study and teaching experience in many of the different schools. We currently offer classes in Babacool Yoga (an amalgamation of Kundalini, Bioenergetics, Tantra, Breathing Practices & more), Yin Yoga and Tai Chi Qigong. However we do also draw on solid backgrounds in functional movement, yoga therapy and martial arts which we often incorporate.

If you want a practice that’s a bit different go for Babacool Yoga. It will deliver energy, deep states of consciousness & relaxation, self-awareness, and vibrant health.

For balance, flow, grounding and gentle energy, choose Qigong.

If you like things slow and peaceful, with big stretches and release, it’s Yin all the way.

And if you’d like to experiment, set up a 1-2-1.


Kundalini Gong Workshop

Simple powerful techniques from Kundalini, Hatha, Tantric, Yin & functional movement yoga, various styles of meditation, sound therapy, trauma release techniques, bio-energetic therapy & different styles of breathwork (including Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko, Tummo (Wim Hof method).


Gentle, grounding, flowing movements for health, balance, strength & energy. These sessions are accessible to everyone, even if you need to use a chair.


Yin Yoga

Deep stretches held for several minutes with breath awareness. Yin Yoga is quiet, blissful, meditative & transformative.


Private Yoga Classes

Private 1-2-1 sessions, small groups and corporate classes. If you’re not ready for a class or would prefer a personalised approach to your practice, we offer reasonable rates and flexible timings.