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Vegan Pasteis de Nata

The last part of my yoga teacher training course ran in Portugal. For 10 days I lived the “ashram” life, waking at 4am, doing yoga until sunset, eating microbiotic food, sleeping on a pallet & dodging snakes. Much as I enjoyed ashram living, I was super excited to travel to Lisbon afterwards to meet Alex […]

June Reading List

Books to help you kick back in the sun. 1/ John Fowles – The Magus I don’t include fiction on these lists very often but it’s Summer, and there’s nothing like losing yourself in the sun with a good story. This is my absolute favourite book. A friend’s mum gave it to me when I […]

Sacred Sleep

Sleep is sacred. It is vital to our health and well-being, and is probably the most powerful healing practice there is. You need seven plus hours a night to reap the benefits. Anything less is dysfunctional and brings with it health risks. As sleep scientist Matthew Walker bluntly puts it, the shorter your sleep the […]

40 Day Practices

Committing to a 40 day practice can really boost your yoga meditation practice. It can also teach you a lot about yourself and your approach to commitment. The number 40 is considered a natural cycle of time in lots of different traditions. According to Christianity, Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and 40 […]

Third Chakra – Manipura

THE THIRD CHAKRA – MANIPURA (LUSTROUS JEWEL)   Location: Navel / solar plexus Colour: Yellow Element: Fire Sense: Sight Overview Do you lack energy or have too much energy? Do you find you are unable to achieve your goals or set and strive for unrealistic goals? Do you avoid responsibility or feel you are responsible […]

Meet Our Gongs – Part 1

Alex introduces two of our gongs and explains the qualities each possesses. Gong: Noun – A metal disc…., giving a resonant note when struck. (Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press) The above definition is both accurate and boring in equal measure.  Anyone who has attended a gong bath or been to a yoga session where […]