Channelling Your Yoga Warrior

Channelling Your Yoga Warrior

Channelling Your Yoga Warrior

A warrior will have many opponents in a lifetime, but the ultimate opponent is the warrior’s own self. Within a fighter’s personality is a wide array of demons to be conquered: fear, laziness, ignorance, selfishness, egotism, and so many more. To talk of overpowering other people is inconsequential. To actually overcome one’s own defects is the true nature of victory.
365 Tao: Daily Meditations, by Deng Ming-Dao

Yoga Warrior; the two words seem the very opposite of each other; yoga with its emphasis on love and compassion, and warrior with all the implications of fighting and war. Yet the two ideas have co-existed & indeed enhanced each other over centuries. The Bhagavad Gita is full of stories of yoga warriors (or Warrior Saints as they are sometimes called) and Kundalini Yoga introduces us to the lineage of Sikh gurus, such as Guru Gobind Singh, who were often forced to pick up the sword and fight. People tend to focus on the narrow interpretation of warrior as a killer. However, fundamentally, a warrior is a protector of ideals, principal, and honour, who fights only when absolutely necessary. It is one who is noble and heroic and who has done the inner work necessary to live a disciplined, compassionate, and authentic life.

So why channel your inner Yoga Warrior?

The Yoga Warrior embodies skills and qualities that can allow us to live victorious lives. Picture for a moment the life you’ve always wanted. What barriers do you have to attaining that life? Lack of discipline or focus? Fear and worry? Laziness? Self-limiting beliefs or low self-confidence? The biggest opponent in your life is always yourself and the inner demons to be tamed or defeated.

It is never too late to change the story of our life, to adopt a new approach and to focus on a set of skills and values that can take us closer to the life we have always wanted for ourselves and for the World as a whole. Aligning yourself with the Yoga Warrior archetype will begin to give you a fresh perspective on life. Problems and challenges will be transformed into opportunities for growth. Through the discipline of the Yoga Warrior you will rejuvenate your physical body, focus your mind and energy, and shed light on the ways you carry yourself in the world. This includes the thoughts you choose, the actions you take and the words you speak, all of which have a powerful impact on your environment and your future. The discipline of the Yoga Warrior will also enable you to work consistently towards your authentic self, and give you the skill to be present and conscious. Strength, perseverance, determination, courage, a desire for truth and justice, willingness to serve, the ability to see the impact your actions and words will have on the Whole – all these qualities become available to you as you begin to embody the spirit of the Yoga Warrior.

The World needs Yoga Warriors now more than ever

Imagine the sort of society or World you would wish for. What are the barriers to that? A disconnection from ourselves, each other and the planet? Loss of compassion? The dis-ease of stress, and information overload? The enormity of the task of changing anything? Greed and self-interest? The Yoga Warrior represents a true leader, who has done the inner work necessary to live by their word. The Yoga Warrior has an intuitive moral compass and lives according to a set of principles that consider the Whole; one who is fearless and firmly rooted in their connection with the soul.

To be a Yoga Warrior requires discipline, strength, skilful actions, and a wise and true heart. Join me at Lockley Farm, Welwyn for a course of six classes devoted to the Yoga Warrior archetype. Beginning on Saturday July the 4th 2015, 9 to 10.30am and running for six consecutive Saturdays, each class will work on a different aspect of the Yoga Warrior.

Endurance & determination

Building & maintaining your energy

Courage & fearlessness

Right thinking, mastery of the mind, & developing intuition

Compassion & selfless devotion

Self – acceptance, knowing your limits, & living as your authentic self

“The longer you hide out in the attempt to remain safe, the more you become fearful, nervous, hesitant. You will not be present as a participant in birthing a new world, a world that very much needs and wants the contribution of your consciousness.” Michael Beckwith